Marble White Sky (Bush Hammered)

The Marble White Sky (Bush Hammered), is mined from quarries which are located in the prefecture of Kavala, northern Greece. The essential difference between in the other varieties of marbles are the abundant gray vein cuts in a dull white background. Due to the properties of Marble White Sky, there are many options in the way of cutting.

The coloration of Marble White Sky gives the sense of gray. Like the white sky, this marble is composed of shades of whitebluegray and brown minimal elements. The intense and sprawling vein cuts, create a variety of shapes that are formed on the surface, depending on the marble White Sky cut. The Bush Hammered is a category of Marble White Sky because of the process of elaboration. Brushing enhances each detail of the material and make it more intense. 

The resistance and process of bush hammeredof marble White Sky, makes it suitable for interior floor coverings and exterior spaces, especially around swimming pools. It can be used for wall coverings for residential and commercial applications. The coefficient of water absorption of marble White Sky makes it able for humid areas such as bathrooms, massage rooms and Turkish bath. Specifically for stalls around sinks, wall cladding and bathroom floor covering, usually marble White Sky in mosaic forms. The  

The uniqueness of the Marble White Sky is that vein cuts seem visually to be deeply engraved. Marble White Sky is connected with the sense of motion. Abundant vein cuts, create a sense of movement, with the way the gray color spreads on the material. That is why architects and designers propose marble White Sky in public but private applications such as subway stations, hotels, theaters and villas.

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