Marble Sky Diagonal

Marble White Sky has the ability to acquire the appearance of diagonal vein cuts. A specific method of cutting, creates diagonal lines in marble White Sky vein cuts. The yield of the color stays the same in relation to other categories, gray and white vein cuts (lines) alternate on the marble White Sky, creating the sensation of movement and direction.

Its use has an inseparable link with the meaning of resistance, is used in public and private spaces. The reason why marble White Sky is separated in these categories is not about differences in the resistance of material, but in vein cuts shape and texture of marble.

The vein cuts of this particular form of Marble White Sky have more intense gray than the other categories, because they have more dense lines. As it has already been said, products of marble White Sky are suitable for wall cladding and floor coverings for indoor and outdoor use.

This marble White Sky is produced only by order. Depending on the project and the character of the living space that an architect or decorator will choose to give.

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