Marble White Sky (Selective White)

Marble White Sky (selected White) is mined from the quarry which is located in Kavala. It is a separate category because it has a slight softness in color, in relation to the other categories of marble White Sky or Kavala’s marble.

The gray veins lie on a dull white. Because of the haze, vein cuts are not so strong and linear, so it seems like they are lost in the white background. The concept of movement is not so intense, so it can be used in areas that have already bold colorful objects and furniture.

From the side of physical characteristics, this material does not differ from the other categories of marble White Sky. It has high resistance to frequent use, so it is considered to be suitable for public spaces and private applications. It is suitable for wall cladding and floor covering. It has been selected for major projects like hotelscasinossubwaystheaters and generally in public buildings. Also, as a product, marble White Sky can stand in spaces with large rate of moisture.

Architects and interior designers are choosing marble White Sky (Selective white) for spaces with a minimalist character, with no strong presence of white. Essentially marble selective White takes a more discreet position in space, either as wall cladding or floor covering, allowing the use of vibrant colors to other constituted objects in space.

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