Marble Sky Vein

The Marble White Sky or Kavala marble, is mined from quarries which are located in the prefecture of Kavala, northern Greece. There are differences in products of marble White Sky, depending on texture of the surface and the way of cutting. Also, the basic difference of this marble  compared to other varieties of marble, is the abundant gray vein cuts on a dull white background.

This is a category of marble White Sky, the difference is in the process of material cutting. Marble White Sky vein cuts are linear, horizontal or vertical lines, depending on the perspective. There is a play with white and gray lines on the surface. Marble White Sky often contains brown, purple and blue colors without being visually perceived. In terms of composition, marble White Sky with this cut gives direction to the space due to the linear elements. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the marble White Sky breaks brightness (due to white) that other types of marbles have. Visually, the feel of grey color appears to decline with respect to the bright white color, and  this way takes a neutral position in space.

The marble White Sky is used in public and residential spaces. Its physical strength makes it suitable for floor coverings and staircasesexterior and interior spaces. It is also suited for wall coverings with high water absorption without problem to moisture. This is the reason why marble White Shy can be used in bathroom applications, wall cladding or floor covering, and kitchen countertops.

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