Bathroom Volakas

In this project used only marble Volakas products (

Specifically, a wall was covered by mosaic of  Volakas marble 5 x10cm. On the wall with the plumbing, installed slabs of Volakas marble, implemented book match. Enhancing the intensity of the material, placed a mirror in order to give extra depth in the space.

The Volakas marble veins have gray, blue, brown and few purple colorations on a white background. It observed that despite the abundant veins in the material is not visually tiring but the space becomes a luxurious and elegant. The shapes of veins create the sense of motion and let the feeling of gray.

The Volakas marble is suitable for WC due to its properties of resistance to frequent use, easy cleaning and of course the high rate of water absorption.

In conclusion, the elegance of the Volakas marble makes the project belongs to the category of high quality manufacturing projects despite its size.

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