Titania Sky

The mosaic Titania Sky is consisted of marble Sky pieces. The demand of marble Sky triggered the creation of various applications in mosaic by modifying texture, shape and cutting. All pieces have the same dimensions, which are glued onto a net.

As product of marble Sky has unique grey colorations which are povided from the grey veins and black dots. The shape of mosaic Titania Sky pieces gives a sense of vividness in the space. 

The Mosaic Titania Sky primarily used for wall applications. The resistance of marble Sky in moisture, makes it suitable for wall coverings in bathrooms and kitchens. The fact of giving the feeling of "clean" because of its white color and its ability to be easily cleaned, it helps to be chosen for washrooms.

Architects and interior designers are choosing marble Sky because it provides luxury and elegance. The mosaic Titania Sky follows the lines of the horizontal and vertical axes, so often used in areas with absolutely classical lines. Furthermore, all mosaics, so mosaic Titania Thassos , used in places with vintage and retro style.

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