CODE 8 Thasos Mosaic

The mosaic CODE 8 consists of the combination of two materials marble Thasos and marble White Sky. The Thasos marble receives a distinctive role in the material as background while marble White Sky gives the shape and diversity in the mosaic. The mosaic CODE 8 belongs to the category of highly processed materials due to its details.

The central idea was the meaning of lattice and how this could be attributed to a mosaic. The gray veins of marble White Sky intensify the difference between the two materials. More details a mosaic has, more delicate it is.

The mosaic CODE 8 can be used for wall cladding and floor covering. The pattern refers to an old fashion way so we often meet it in renovations of old houses and neoclassical buildings. By mosaic use, the space has a unique theme either it is bathroom or living area.

The mosaics give the feeling of movement and direction in space so it acquires vitality. In mosaic CODE 8 detail of white and gray gives an underground level.

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