Mosaic Sky 4,8x4,8

The mosaic Sky 4,8 x 4,8 consists of  marble Sky pieces. The demand of marble Sky triggered the creation of various applications in mosaic by modifying texture, shape and cutting. Each piece has 4,8 x 4,8 cm size, which is glued onto a net.

The Mosaic Sky 4,8 x 4,8 cm primarily used for wall applications. The resistance of marble Sky in moisture, makes it suitable for wall coverings in bathrooms and kitchens. 

The mosaic Sky 4,8 x 4,8 follows the lines of the horizontal and vertical axes, so often used in areas with absolutely classical lines. Furthermore, all mosaics, so mosaic Sky 4,8 x 4,8 cm, used in places with vintage and retro style.

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